Big Bench

Salisbury, Frensham and Cork

Big Bench forms an intimate raised timber amphitheatre that can hold 60 people and creates an enclosed visual and acoustic environment.  We work closely with Liginin Builds, a construction company specialising in low-embodied carbon construction techniques, to deliver each installation.

The first Big Bench was built for the New Art Centre in Salisbury, where it is used to host their education programme.  We have since built subsequent amphitheatres at Frensham Height’s School in Franham, Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland and The Watts Gallery – Artists’ Village in Compton, where they provide a communal space for talks, performances, school groups, meetings and picnics.

If you are interested in commissioning Big Bench, or know an orgainsation who might be, please contact Lettice Drake at for more information.

If you would like to visit the amphitheatre, you can do so at the New Art Centre in Salisbury, or The Watts Gallery – Artists’ Village in Compton.

Design Team:

Paloma Gormley, Lettice Drake, Henry Stringer, Oscar Cooper


Tim Lucas at Price & Myers


Oscar Cooper at Lignin Builds Ltd.

Former Construction Team Members:

Henry Stringer, Millie Souter, Loz Westlake, Grace Walker, Jake Lomas, Rupert Emerton, Alpal Richardson, Will Stone, Steve Floyd, Lettice Drake, Paloma Gormley