Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre


Together with Studio Gil we worked with a consortium of organisations including Ubele, Crop Drop, Shared Assets and OrganicLea to draw up a masterplan for the Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre.  Following a successful planning application design of this project was handed over to our sister organisation Material Cultures. 

The community driven site aims to put food at the centre of it’s educational, community, enterprise and wellbeing activities.  Working through a process of co-design we developed a holistic and inclusive approach to the site that will help to give it economic security and allow it to thrive. The site has been re-rationalised to accommodate community and educational uses whilst maintaining the historical character and moments of surprise.

Design Team:

Paloma Gormley, Rain Wu, Maija Viksne, Joy Mulandi and Maelys Garreau

with Studio Gil and MarisiRima